It’s amazing what can come from a chance remark over a coffee…
Chat in the Liquid Studios office turned to the year ahead and some of the great things set to happen in Carlisle.
International flights from the new airport, a spectacular display of poppies at the castle, huge pop star concerts…..and so on.
We thought it might be nice to pull some of these events together as a bit of a showcase for Carlisle.
We started off with the idea of a mix of images that we might share on Twitter. Then we added some animation. Then a script and voiceover.
And then topped it off with some lively music and it all makes a celebratory package. We think it says something positive about #Carlisle2018.
We’d love to get your thoughts, comments, and of course, please feel free to share with colleagues, friends and family.
Let’s spread the word inside and outside the city about everything Carlisle has got going for it.

Special Thanks to :-

Dave Helliwell – Concept and Words

Becca Davidson – Graphic Design

Lindsay Carigiet – Animation

Ian Kirton – Audio Production

Helen Graham – Voiceover

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