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How to stop Google telling people your website isn’t secure

Would you consider buying something from a website that was marked ‘Not Secure’? Or even post any of your data on it?

Unlikely, isn’t it. As consumers become more security conscious online it’s worth businesses ensuring they’re doing all they can to inspire confidence.

SSL | Liquid Studios, Carlisle, Cumbria

What is SSL? (Secure Sockets Layer)

Websites – such as this one – that have https:// instead of http:// in the address bar use SSL. This means visitors can be confident the information passed to that site’s server will remain private.

The additional ‘s’ stands for secure. Another way to be sure a website has SSL is a padlock icon to the left of the address bar.

SSL | Liquid Studios, Carlisle, Cumbria

SSL adds a layer of protection through encryption when data is transmitted through a website to a server or browser.

It protects sensitive information such as logins, passwords, bank details/cardholder information – vital for anybody with an ecommerce website. Encryption prevents people being able to tamper or steal any personal information shared on the site.

Meet payment card industry standards

An SSL is necessary to meet payment compliances.  An online business must have an SSL certificate with the proper encryption which provides a private connection on any page that requires customers to enter personal information. Without a certificate that meets these standards most payment gateways won’t allow you to take credit card payments.

But it’s not just for businesses that sell online

Google has been clear that all websites should have an SSL. To that extent it boosts SSL sites in search ranking results.

Therefore, if your site doesn’t have a certificate it will effectively be penalised in searches and if your competitor’s site is SSL protected it will be getting a boost.

Trust and authenticity 

If safe transfer of your customers’ data AND a boost in search rankings weren’t enough, there’s a third reason why SSL has become a must for businesses.

Potential customers can easily see if your site is showing as ‘Not Secure’. This could have an impact on the site’s authenticity leading to it – and therefore your business – being perceived as untrustworthy by website visitors.

Installing an SSL will replace the ‘Not Secure’ tag with a padlock and change http to https. Both are visible means of giving additional reassurance to visitors.

Want to make sure your site is protecting visitors and not damaging your business?

Contact Liquid and we’ll talk you through some easy options to get your site SSL protected.



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