Do you love your brand?

Caring for your brand may be the difference between success and failure.

Think that’s a bit dramatic? Then it’s worth considering that one of the main reasons repeatedly given for business failure is a lack of differentiation.

Liquid Studios | Design | Carlisle, Cumbria

It’s not enough simply to have a great product. A business must also develop a unique proposition. Without it, that great product may get lost among the competition.

It’s important to highlight what sets your business apart and communicate that to those you want to sell to. Failing to differentiate equals failing to build a brand.

Too many businesses caught up with the daily need to keep the wheels turning neglect their own brand. It’s difficult to pinpoint why. You wouldn’t ignore manufacturing, sales or legality in your company’s operation, why would you ignore the shop front?

Viewing brand development as a nice to have rather than a quintessential part of the operation is giving your competitors a chance to steal a march.

Liquid Studios | Design | Carlisle, Cumbria

Design is visual communication. That communication can say a lot about your business, your products and services and the kind of company and people you are.

Your products and services may be great; designed and run by talented people. But all that good stuff can be lost behind a website that fails to inspire confidence, or worse, comes across as amateurish.

In an ever more competitive environment it’s important that your logo conveys who you are. It should encourage a positive reaction and demonstrate your credibility. If it’s ugly with clashing colours and a flurry of fonts, then it tells those looking that you’re not across the detail.

Similarly, if your strapline doesn’t accurately reflect what you do, then how can you hope to sell to anyone?

And if the overall impression from your branding is you’re not likely to be around in a year’s time then it’s no surprise if people walk on to check out someone else’s offer.

Strong and consistent branding that shows off great design can be a huge benefit to a company.

That’s not just applicable for the Apple’s and Nike’s of this world. With the number of ventures started in Britain increasing by 5.2% to 645,774 last year, there’s no shortage of new businesses entering the market looking to Hoover up.

Investment in professional branding may well initially cost more than an off the shelf solution but as with most things in this world – buy cheap and you buy twice. That’s if you get a second chance.

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