5 Tips for an engaging website

In a world where we Google just about everything before we buy, it’s extremely likely that your website will be the first port of call for potential customers. Look at it as the front cover or shop window of your business, does it reflect your work in a positive light?

“Business owners need to realise that their design is a reflection of their business, even if it’s not intentional.  If you don’t care about your design, then your design is telling people that you don’t care about your business.” – Marco Suarez (Designer of Mailchimp & Etsy)

Here are 5 tips to get you started:


How likely are you to buy from a website that looks handmade, or from a company that doesn’t look as though they are bothered about their public image?
Think about your colour choice, is it in line with your branding?  What fonts are you using, do they compliment each other?
A great way to decide on colours and font is by looking at your logo and using the same colours consistently throughout your site –  for example in your header and footer, or to put emphasis on titles.
Perhaps begin by using only two fonts throughout the site. A Sans Serif font for the title and and a Serif font for your body text is a good place to start.

Layout & content

Nobody wants to read pages of solid text! If you have a lot of copy consider cutting it down and focusing more on the key points.
Split your page in to sections to break up the text. You could do this by adding a background image with a text overlay, which will add some contrast and texture to the page. Alternatively you could use a toggle feature to keep your text neatly packaged away under various headings.

By keeping large amounts of text neatly hidden away

Get personal
People want to know who they are buying from. Investing in some professional head shots or imagery of your product or service can make a huge difference to the appearance of your site but it also gives potential customers a feel for the type of business and people that you are.

Video is great for engaging people with your website. It’s much easier to sit down and watch a video rather than battle your way through pages and pages of copy. Investing in a professionally made video for your website that can also be shared on social media is a great way to deliver your message to your audience and potentially win more business. Plus it’s a boost for your SEO!

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Is your site easy to navigate? The fewer clicks needed to get to where you want to be on a site, the better. Don’t just rely on the navigation bar in your header to guide people around the site. Why not throw in a call to action at the bottom of each service page? Tell people what you’d like them to do.

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